From high school to bed, he came inside

I was on the terrace relaxing in the sun, dressed only in some cool red shorts when I took out my dick to get it to sun too. Robyn arrived and when he saw my dick outside, he got horny and threw himself like crazy to refresh it. How well I was on this way so I decided to smoke a cigarette!!! This is how Paradise must be!!! The sun went down and I told Robyn I wanted to fuck him so we went to bed and he shoved it up his ass, testing different positions. Robyn knew very well how to shake his ass so in order to give him a prize I told him that he could play Pokemon go while I continued fucking him. Sometimes he pass the whole day playing with that game as he has a lot of addiction. In this way Robyn enjoyed doubly and the truth is that I also began to understand Pokemon go. Now I announce you that in the next scene we are going to visit a beautiful place… I am sure that you will enjoy a lot. Don’t miss it!!!