Now you see me !!

Every morning I wake up with my dick hard like a rock. First of all, I put the washing machine with all the dirty underwear while my dick continues stiff. Seeing all those boxers spinning in the washing machine makes me horny. Traces of pissed, sweat, milk that are washed away by water, detergent and softener makes me think about the things that make me very horny. When the laundry is done, I prepare breakfast for Robyn who is still sleeping in bed in order to surprise him. Today we celebrate a year and a half since Robyn arrived at my house. I remember that on September 23, 2019 he came to my house to work with me on this project and since then we have experienced many good sex sessions. Therefore, today I want to do something special with him. I cum and fill Robyn’ glass with my milk in order to give him the best protein-packed breakfast of his life. I look out the window and see the lizards already woken up so it’s time for Robyn to wake up too. Robyn finally wakes up and has breakfast. He is hungrier and wants some dessert so when he sees my dick again hard as a rock he sucks it as he only knows to do it. But I don’t want to cum again, first I want to fuck him so Robyn puts his ass on me so I can put him inside. What a great way to start the day!!! But this is only the beginning, many adventures await us t olive and share with all of you. Be sure that we will not dissapoint you!!!