With the delivery man

Someone is knocking on the door… it’s the hot dog delivery man. What rich sausages he always brings me!!! The best ones!!! And the guy is terrific, always washing freshly blue shorts and a cap which makes me very horny. I usually give him a two dollars tip to buy tobacco, since he thanks me and kisses my hand. This time I dared and invited him to come in with the excuse that he would take the last tupperware that I no longer needed. And the man told me that he was delighted. As soon as he passed by, I closed the door and put my tongue in his mouth all the way inside and how it liked me. We ran directly to bed and there we strip and sucked each other’s dick and then we both fucked. The best, the best fuck in a long long time!!! We had both already cum and the man takes out a dick toy which was going to deliver to a perverted client demanding another type of sausage. He introduced it up my ass and made me crazy again. I told him that next time I wanted one of those special sausages too. He told me not to worry as with him I was going to taste very different sausages and… he dressed and left. Now looking forward to tomorrow … the delivery man will return again.