A good hangover breakfast

Last night we had some drinks and today I woke up with a good hangover. When this happens my dick becomes very animal like an elephant’ one more or less. I have to shake it hard because otherwise I would explode. Robyn who has gone to piss comes back and sees my dick. This makes him horny so he lends himself to shaking it. The issue is that he is also with a great hungover and does not give it hard so I tell him to take a cold shower. Meanwhile, I’m still there jerking off non-stop. Robyn comes back from the shower and suck my dick. How well it does!!! How well he moves his tongue over my glans!!! He is a real master!!! The bad thing is that with the hangover he falls asleep again with my dick in his mouth so I tell thim to take a second cold shower and put some ice on his ass to wake him up. Meanwhile, I keep shaking it harder and harder and my milk is going to come out but I have to wait for Robyn to come. Finally, he comes back from the second shower and he puts his frozen ass to be penetrated by my dick. Wooow, this frozen ass makes me crazy and I can’t take it anymore so I fill it with this rich morning hangover milk. After fucking we go back to sleep a little more due to the hangover. I’m sure that when we wake up again my dick will want war again. This is going to be a very, very hard day!!! I know it!!!