Too Milk for two mates

Henrique has invited two mates to spend a few days at his house. There is only one bed so the three ones will sleep together. The two mates are very grateful with that for what they kiss a lot Henrique’s mouth. This makes them very horny so they strip totally and the two mates suck Henrique’s dick. Henrique tells them to get down as if they were his dogs. The two mates happily accept the proposal. Henrique lubricates their asses and puts his dick bareback inside them. How Henrique likes to move his dick from one ass to another!!! Henrique wants more morbid and proposes to play a game “the little train”. Henrique enjoys a lot being the machinist. Then the two mates come back to dog position and Henrique cums on both asses filling them with rich milk. Henrique is a very macho man and has a lot of milk to give away!!! To finish the two mates suck again Henrique’s dick like good dogs to make it very clean, but… he cums again. Mates can’t take it anymore and they also cum. The sheets are full of milk so they decide to put them in the washing machine and put in bed clean sheets. What will happen now? Can the three of them sleep together in bed with clean sheets or…?