Fucks me bro !!

Some thieves who have robbed a bank have several hostages held in it. The hostages are isolated and tied up so that they do not escape. A kidnapper goes to interrogate one of the hostages who he suspects knows where the master key to the safe is. The hostage, who is a macho man, immediately realices that the kidnapper is a queer, so he insinuates him to remove the handcuffs. With handcuffs removed, the roles have changed and the owner of the situation is now the macho man who forces the kidnapper to suck his dick without biting it with his teeth and putting him his ass like a street bitch. Then, he cums on his ass and taking advantage of the fact that the kidnapper is still assimilating how his ass is full of milk, he puts on his mask and runs away naked with a stiff dick. Will he go very far naked and with a stiff dick???