I had to get away into the wilderness. I just needed nature and some clear thoughts. There is no place like that than the open road and the mountains. I heard that Utah has some of the most beautiful white boys. So naturally i had to go check it out! Holden was a dude I met on a hiking tour. He was my tour guide. Now it was not very busy and I did chose a hard hiking path. I’m not sure what I was thinking but it may have had something to do with Holdens bulge! Lol. So we are hiking and I have a great view of his ass. It was so hard not to snap a picture when he climbing a steep point in front of me. But I didn’t want to be a creeper. So I held back lol. Any way we get to talking. We end up in this really deep political and social construct conversation. Somehow that lead to him telling me about how he has recently come out as bi. But he has no experiences with guys because he’s into black dudes and there are very few where he is. He started talking about how he watches a lot of interracial porn and is always looking for black twinks online. But he’s nervous about meeting a guy and he’s nervous about meeting a black dude. So at this point I’m pretty sure he’s hinting that he seen me online and is waiting for me to fess up. LOL. I keep forgetting how recognizable I am. But once I told him who I was he couldn’t stop this uncontrollable grin his face went into. And I I couldn’t help but notice his huge package which seemed much larger than b4. I’m not sure if he made this whole first time thing up. But he seemed pretty believable. I’m amazed at how ballsy some dudes are. But then again I’m kinda that way too. I invited him later back to my place. He is pretty nervous to try anal but he loves to get his dick sucked and he’s always wanted to suck a big black dick! He came over and didn’t leave for 2 days. This is just the first part of the fun we had. I’ll release some more in a bit P.S I told him there are plenty of black dudes that would love him. So I convinced him to make a page for you guys to reach out if you want. He’s a really sweet dude. And a totally freak. We should corrupt him lol. But you know in a good way. Lol.