The Sitar Man

So who doesn’t love a hot dude that can play the guitar? And what’s more, is how many of us fantasize about sucking a dude off while he’s strumming away. This is my bud Jeffrey Frost! Yea even his name is famous. He comes over often and plays for me. He sits around playing classic rock or anything he’s made up and I sing along. I actually have a pretty awesome singing voice! Jeff loves listening to me sing and adding music to it. Well every time he visits he has to get into my throat as well. I don’t get to see him often because he has a girl and you know how that goes! But I’m always rewarded with a massive load! This time he surprised me and requested that we record me sucking his dick while he played like I always do. He wanted to show off his music skills to see what you guys thought. He’s been watching the stuff I make for years. And we have made a bunch of private stuff. I honestly just think he got a bit jealous of the other DL guys that get more attention than he does!