Long Dong

So a lot of you have been requesting to see me suck on a big black dick! well here is a pretty one too! This is our bud D! D has a massive dick! I mean its one of those dicks that you really have to work at to get it to nut cause its so massive. Fortunately I have dick patience! Xander loves locking me up in the glory hole and just having dude after dude come by while he watches me worship! Well he found this hung stud for you guys. And then he just left me hangin. (he does that often and I’m left stuck in there until whenever he returns.) Sometimes he’s alone sometimes he comes back with several dudes. I was prepared this time! I hid a drill with me and when he left i had to get closer to this big beautiful piece of meat so i could worship it like it deserves to be!………And i got kinda tired of being left in a glory hole for hours! LOL