Yo you guys this is Xander! You don’t get to hear me comment on here much! But here I am! I love contrast! My favorite kind of contrast is white on black throat crimes! LOL. Anyway, Ive never hung out with this dude Ryan but I’ve heard a lot about his thick dick and seen what it does to Rogan’s throat! lol. Unfortunately Ryan lives all the way upstate in the middle of fuckin no where. Its always those country dudes that have these fit bodies and massive dicks. Has anyone noticed that? And also he had to send his girl out of town and sneak around. That was a pain to fuckin deal with. Im sure you can hear him arguing with her over the phone. She kept calling the whole time we were there! LOL. But I was eager to see Rogan choke on it in person anyway. It was a long ass drive but it was worth it cause I got me some side ass too! lol. Now, Ryan has a pretty impressive dick and I was just about in love using him with my favorite black cum dump. But what I don’t know, is what I liked more; Ryan using Rogans throat or Rogan shoving his down Ryan’s making him gag LOL! You guys decide which one do u like best?