Family Fun

So I think you guys are gonna like this one! It has an interesting back story! So this is my cousin Erik. When we were young we used to always jack off and fuck around with each other. But over the years we ended up in different places and i assumed he just ended up being a straight dude. We never talked about our past adventures. I always saw him dating girls and not guys. Well one day we were talking online and he said he saw some videos of me online! he was like “damn dude you be goin at those white dicks. Whats that like? Ive never been white a white girl or guy.” So i began to fill him in on my escapades! And before i knew it he was driving on a road trip to hang out and “help us pack” for the move. The only thing he ever packed btw was dick in his mouth. I forgot how good at sucking dick he was it had been years! We were all messing around when all of a sudden he was like “You should record this.” I asked him if he was sure and he said he wanted people to see him choking on big white dick too! Xander busted all over his mouth while he was lupin on my dick! If you guys like him leave a thumbs up if you wanna see more!