My Best Friends Little Brother

So my best friend (Archer) has this hot little bro! His name is Brax! Ive known him for years and watched him grow up. So, funny story. Archer caught him watching a video of me and him fucking and he was totally stroking his pipe! Archer had no idea he was gay and he was sort of shocked. I will add he did say it gave him a huge boner spying on his little bro stroking his meat to him fucking my throat. Lol. So Archer waited like forever to tell me this because it happened last year. We were out at a bar partying when this slipped out of his mouth after a full night of drinks. So He decided to show him what grindr was so we could find him on there and see if he would flirt back. Well one night we found him on there and months of flirting went by before he admitted to watching my porn. he said he was jealous his brother got to fuck my throat and he didn’t. So of course i offered it up hoping he’d follow in Archer’s footsteps. Not only did he say he wanted to fuck my throat! He also asked to record it! Immediately i thought I’ve gotta get these two together in a video! but i decided not to push my luck on the first time. so he came over pretty quick. He must have been speeding. He wanted to show Archer how to properly use a mouth. They have always been pretty competitive. This takes it to a whole other level. Archer has no idea! This video was made but he will find out soon! I’m betting i can get these two together. If your reading this Archer Don’t be pissed! Just leave a comment below and join in! lol :-)