The Quiet Bro Blow

So you guys know those straight dudes you either work with or go to school with? The ones that are hella fuckin cute but they never say anything and normally keep to themselves? So you watch them out of the corner of your eye. Hoping to get a glimpse of that bulge. And takin quick looks at their crotch. Well thats exactly who Zaqu is! One of those silent types! But he loves when i suck his dick! he’s got this huge meaty uncut dick thats always shooting large loads of nut! He came over to “hang out” but when he got here his dick was already hard. He must have been thinking about my mouth the whole way here! He’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t care if his face shows. Ive been slowly pulling him out of the closet. I so wanna make him hold a load for two weeks then tie him up to a chair and intensely edge his dick for 30 minutes to an hour! Stay looking out guys! Som group fun is coming up next :-). Don’t forget to check out the quickie section! There is a ton of vids there too!