Brooklyn Truck Fuck

I'm pretty much obsessed with this dudes dick. He is DL and can't host and I have family in town so we have to get creative with our fuck sessions! You guys know I'll take dick anywhere any time! He hit me up in the morning tellin me he hadn't nut in 3 days. I told him I had family in town and couldn't host. So he told me to drive over to Brooklyn and we would park and find a spot. Lol. So we parked at the end of a dead end street and he fucked me right in the back seat. Before we parted he told me he had a surprise for me. It was a white dude he knows and they get together and have strike sessions to my porn. LOL! But the dude has never been with another guy sexually. So he told me to meet him back over later that night and meet him while he gets a tattoo worked on. Cade is his name. He's this cute ass goofy white boy just like you guys like lol. He wasn't shy but I could convince him to do a fuck scene.......well yet. You guys know how I am I usually get what I want. Just gotta be patient lol. But he was down to get his "first" bj from a dude. He is pretty young so maybe it's true. But I'm a skeptic lol. He had a pretty big load! Covered my face. And Kassi busted 2 nutts back to back. This whole day was full of so much cum. I'm just glad my life is returning back to normal so I can focus on what I I really want.....DICK! Enjoy the vids guys. Keep your dicks warm. Winter is coming!